Loyalist Spy Master and Infiltration Specialist


Ayuku, son of Saishuru, arrived within Highspur’s lands on a wintery morning, little more than 18 months ago. Travelling far, his origins were unknown to those in Taldor. He posed quite a sight, limping along the road to Highspur’s keep, red and purple robes torn and dragging, wounds cuts across leg and torso. Out of compassion, Highspur’s courtiers and staff took him in while he rested and became well enough to travel again.

The curiosity of one of Highspur’s captains was piqued when he noticed the man sneaking out of his own quarters one night. “A thief?” the captain thought.

The captain gave pursuit, but the Tian was too far ahead, seeming to revel in the cloudy night. Early in the morning, before the sun had risen, the captain was summoned to Highspur’s chambers and escorted by the captain’s own troops. Shoved through the door into the presence of Highspur and the Tian thief, the captain was confronted by a letter writ in his own hand.

The letter was a plot, a message to a co-conspirator to lure Highspur’s heir and lose the boy in the woods as if by a “hunting accident.” Though all manner of explanations and pleadings were offered up, Highspur there sat, stone faced.

The Tian appeared the following day in the dress of an entertainer among Lord Highspur’s court. The captain, however, has not been mentioned since—except as noted on Highspur’s public notice of execution.

Highspur has sent him to the island to protect House Highspur’s interests in this new venture, however that has to happen.


Since arriving on island, Ayuku has forged relationships with members of the peasant, merchant, and noble classes. Much of his public life his known along the lonely coast. Much of his private aspirations are not.


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