Tag: Human


  • Esperanza Simmion "Chem"

    Theodore Lythander Simmion, is a Barron by birthright to the house Simmion. While, the royal rank of the house is quite low on the ladder, the pomp and arrogance of the family is quite high. Though that could be said of most royal houses of Taldor. …

  • Accolon Le Croix

    The Le Croix family was once held in high esteem in Taldor’s circle of nobility, but recent times have fallen hard. Uhtred, the valiant knight and head of the family who built the family fortune on the back of his adventures disappeared five years ago …

  • Ayuku

    Since arriving on island, Ayuku has forged relationships with members of the peasant, merchant, and noble classes. Much of his public life his known along the lonely coast. Much of his private aspirations are not.