Character Creation

Your character will start at level one, unless you’re joining a party of higher APL. If the party you’re joining is higher than APL 1, then your character level is the party’s APL-1. If you retire a character or your character dies and you’re rolling up a new character, then your starting character level is (your old character’s level)-1, with enough XP to be 1/2 way to the next level.


You may use any Paizo Pathfinder books for character creation. Third party material is disallowed by default, but I’m willing to consider anything you present. Remember that in addition to the core rulebooks, any of the “Golarion” sourcebooks from Paizo are available.


Your character may be of any alignment, though Chaotic Evil is advised against. This is your show, and there is no expectation that you play an altruistic character.

Ability Score Generation

Ability score generation will use the point buy method. You have 15 points to spend on ability scores – this is the “standard fantasy” allotment.

  • Each character receives a number of points to spend on increasing his basic attributes. In this method, all attributes start at a base of 10.
  • A character can increase an individual score by spending some of his points. Likewise, he can gain more points to spend on other scores by decreasing one or more of his ability scores.
  • No score can be reduced below 7 or raised above 18 using this method.
  • See Table: Ability Score Costs for the costs of each score.
  • After all the points are spent, apply any racial modifiers the character might have.

Table: Ability Score Costs
Score / Points

Race Selection

Your choice of race may include:

  • Any core race from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game core rulebook.
  • Any Featured race from the Advanced Race Guide.
  • Any of the Alternate Racial Rules from the Advanced Race Guide may be used.
  • You may create your own race using the rules presented in the Advanced Race Guide. Max of 10 Race Points, and traits can be chosen from the “Standard” category (no advanced or monstrous traits).

Here is a link to a race builder program. Hero Lab also has support for the race builder.

Class Selection

Any of the Pathfinder core classes, classes from Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, and Advanced Class Guide are legal choices. There is a book releasing in April of 2015 that will update several classes, notably the Barbarian, Monk and Summoner, that may impact the mechanics of these classes. Update 6/2/2016 – the Unchained Summoner, Rogue, Barbarian and Monk now replace the original versions of the same name.

Prestige classes and all class archetypes from the above books or other Paizo sources are acceptable.


You may choose up to 2 traits, each from a different category. There is a list of traits in the PFSRD.

Hero Points

Your character starts with 1 Hero Point, unless your custom race says otherwise. You receive 1 Hero Point each time you level up. You may have a maximum of 2 Hero Points saved at any time.


Your character starts with Fame equal to 1+Cha modifier, and 1 Prestige Point.

Starting Wealth

First level characters start with 150 gp, or their class’s average starting wealth, whichever is higher. Higher level characters start with an amount listed under Character Wealth and Advancement in the Gamemaster’s Guide.

Character Creation

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