Game Rules

Most of the rules choices are made regarding character creation, so see that section for the most important, impactful rules decisions.

Experience and Leveling

We’re using the medium XP track for leveling. I am also throwing in a quirky rule: you gain a level when both your XP total and your treasure total (based on wealth by level) reach the next higher table entry. Concerning wealth and leveling, any offer of wealth, declined or otherwise counts toward the total. Only treasure of masterwork quality or higher, magic or intrinsically valuable counts. This is subject to change prior to starting the game.

If you meet the requirements for the next level, your character levels up after the next time he takes an uninterrupted rest.

Exploration and Movement in Sandbox Campaigns

We are using the Exploration and Movement in Sandbox Campaigns rules from the Ultimate Campaign sourcebook. You may notice that the Survival skill is very useful for this sort of game. Make sure someone has it in spades.

Kingdom Building

We are eventually using the Kingdom Building rules from the Ultimate Campaign sourcebook. That comes into play if and when you choose, and you must convince lord Highspur that you can manage his colony – and that the land has been sufficiently cleared – before you move to this stage. During your initial visit, you should focus on exploration, clearing dangers and securing resources to pave the way for the kingdom building phase.


Firearms are present, and in the “emerging firearms” stage, so you won’t have any revolvers or shotguns around. Who knows, maybe they exist somewhere as treasure, but no promises!

Hero Points

We can use hero points, but they’re limited to: gain one hero point each time you level. You can have a maximum of 2 hero points saved up. I won’t be using any of the hero point feats, spells, traits, etc. The uses are limited to the ones listed in the PRD, with the exception of the “Special” uses, which we’ll not use.

Your character starts with 1 hero point, unless your custom race disallows it.

Fame and Reputation

I’d like to use the rules for Reputation and Fame from Ultimate Campaign, but not in their current iteration.

There is a list of events here that prompt gaining in fame, which I like and will use. For right now,

  • Assume that your fame score equals your level plus whatever you earn based on the table: Fame Events.
  • Assume that the sphere of influence is regional, and applies in the region it was earned. Your minimum fame score is your character level, so even in a new region people recognize your scars and sweet gear.
  • Assume that you earn one prestige point per level, and each time you gain fame, you gain an equal number of prestige points.
  • Prestige points can be spent to grant situationally appropriate benefts, like leveraging your reputation to influence a social skill check.

Your character starts with Fame equal to 1+Cha modifier, and 1 Prestige Point.

Downtime Rules

If you’re intersted in starting and running a business, forming a guild, investing in commodities, etc., you are welcome to use the downtime rules from Ultimate Campaign. These rules layer on many interesting options for “staying put.” They’re there if you want them.

The Death Tax

See the wiki page for bringing in a replacement character if yours dies.

Table Etiquette

These are not house rules per se, not even really rules, rather expectations about how to conduct our gaming.

Dice rolls. I will be making more behind the screen rolls for your characters than you’re probably used to. Any time your character wouldn’t know his degree of success or failure, I’ll likely make the roll in secret. Perception checks are almost always secret, for example. Another dice-related convention I like to practice is visibility… everyone should be rolling dice with visible numbers. The players next to you should be able to easily see what number your dice roll, so please use standard sized dice with good contrast between the die and the number. Also, it’s customary to leave the die on the table a few seconds after you roll it for accountability… then you can punish it for rolling too low.


Let’s just have everyone bring something if they can. Since we’re doing a weeknight that Jess works, that leaves me as the cook, and I assure you, you don’t want that. Just ask my kids. You don’t have to bring anything, at a minimum I’ll have something substantial for us. We can also do pizza once in a while. If there’s no discussion of food on game day, assume that most people are bringing something to share… snacks, drink, dish, whatever.


If you can’t make it to a game, let me know as soon as possible. I’ll offer for someone from the other group to sit in for you, to run your character. If that doesn’t work out, you can nominate someone from your group to run your character, or we’ll ask for a volunteer.

Game Rules

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