Getting Started


We’re playing in the world of Golarion, Paizo’s campaign setting. The sourcebook, The Inner Sea World Guide, details the region of the inner sea around the continents of Avistan and Garund. Your characters are from the nation of Taldor, in Avistan.

Taldor is one of the oldest modern civilizations on the continent. They are a feudal society, and at their height they dominated the inner sea. They grew and colonized the far-flung regions of the continent, as far south as the Mwangi Expanse, and even the legendary continent of Arcadia.

The great power that was Taldor is waning. In recent history, they had to fight a war on two fronts and have lost many of their holdings. Many colonies were abandoned, and their borders on the mainland receded.

About two hundred years ago, a noble from Taldor, lord Lochar, established a colony in Arcadia. They still hold that colony, but tenuously. The spoils sent by long sea journey have shored up the Lochars in Taldor through the difficult times, and other nobles have taken notice.

Your liege lord, Frondi Highspur, looks to increase his holdings and take advantage of the Lochars’ findings in Arcadia. You are passengers on a ship of forerunners, tasked with establishing the viability of a colony in Arcadia.

Your commission is to explore, map, gather information, and make the way straight for lord Highspur’s colony ships. You are to record all that you see and do in the name of your lord. You are not to reveal your affiliation with the Highspurs – lest the Lochars quash the colonization attempt before it gets underway.

When you have sufficiently paved the way for the colonization, you are to return to Taldor to give report to lord Highspur. If he is satisfied with the intelligence you have gathered, he will send his ships to establish the colony. If he is unsatisfied, if you have not prepared the way to his satisfaction, well…

What’s in it for you?

If you do as your lord commands, you are each to be given titles and lands in both Taldor and the colony. Upon establishing the colony, you are to direct its growth and see to it that it has the resources and protection needed to thrive. You will be the rulers of the colony of Taldor in Arcadia, responsible for its success.

When lord Highspur is satisfied that you have done all this and the colony is sufficiently profitable, you may return to Taldor and retire early, lords and ladies of one of the most powerful nations on the continent.

The Beginning

The game will start with your characters arriving on the continent of Arcadia. Our first session will begin with your first steps onto the shore of the land you will be exploring. We are not playing out the sea voyage this time.

How to Play

This game is one of sandbox exploration. We will use the Exploration rules found in the Ultimate Campaign book (though I will handle that). I suggest someone be well trained in the Survival skill. You will be exploring, pacifying, and gathering information about the Lochars’ holdings and the indiginous people. You will be adventuring and basically doing whatever you find to do.

Your character may or may not be loyal to the lord Highspur. You needn’t go in with that assumption. You would have to at least make pretense and be a subject of his. Other than that, what happens halfway across the world is your business.

Getting Started

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