Table Roles

Each player has a table role to fill during the game. Each role gets a 3-ring binder with some tracking forms. You can also keep your character sheet inside the binder if you like. Listed are the four roles and the duties they confer.

Cartographer – The cartographer’s job is to draw in the map as it is revealed, on hex paper. He/she also keeps any map handouts, and may make and keep dungeon maps if desired. The cartographer has blank hex paper, blank graph paper and colored pencils for mapping.

Accountant – The accountant keeps a record of the party’s xp and wealth gains, their fame and reputation. He/she tracks leveling up. The accountant has blank tracking forms and tables for leveling. Update 6/2/2016 – I’m doing this now.

Tracker – The tracker has the Golarion calendar, and tracks the party’s location on each calendar day. He/she will also track the weather and wind conditions, upcoming holidays, and any future events associated with downtime. Update 6/2/2016 – I’m doing this now too.

Journalist – The journalist keeps a running log during play of the events that happen – the encounters faced, treasure and items gained, and important interactions with NPCs such as quest events. He also keeps non-map handouts. The journalist can keep a record in document form or record it by hand with pen and paper. Update 6/2/2016 – the adventure log is serving this purpose now.

Table Roles

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