Unchained Rules


All of the core classes presented in Unchained are available. Update 6/2/2016 – the Unchained classes for Rogue, Monk, Summoner and Barbarian replace the original versions of these classes. Only the Unchained versions are available for play. In addition, all Fighters receive the Combat Stamina feat for free.

Leveling Up

We use both the fractional leveling rules and the staggered advancement rules. Fractional leveling makes it easier on multiclass characters. It means your BAB and saves end up being higher if you multiclass heavily.

Staggered advancement splits each level up into four parts. You get to gain the BAB, saves, HP increase, and skill points over the course of the level instead of all at once.


There’s an optional rule that makes some skills “Background” skills – like profession, craft and some knowledge skills. All other skills are called “Adventuring” skills. You get 2 skill points each level to spend on background skills, and all of your other points go to adventuring skills. The net effect is that every class gets 2 bonus skill points for these background skills, along with their normal amount of skill points. You can choose to use regular skill points for background skills.

There are 2 new background skills – artistry and lore. Artistry is for crafting artistic work, and lore is like a highly specialized knowledge skill… you might have Cat lore or Cave Fungus Lore.

Skill unlocks are available to any class with a feat, and they’re free with some of the Unchained Rogue class abilities. They let you do more cool stuff with a specific skill as you put more and more ranks in it. For example, the Stealth unlock at 5 ranks lets you snipe at a -10 penalty to stealth instead of -20.

There are alternate crafting and profession skills that make more sense; crafting is done by day instead of by week now, so it makes more reasonable to craft small, cheap items now. Profession skills also allow you to do more, so we can implement both new crafting and new profession skill changes from unchained.


Not much has changed, except that you can take the feat for skill unlocks, and a feat called Combat Stamina. Fighters get this feat for free at 1st level.


There’s a section called “Active Magic” that can be used if desired. Esoteric components are allowed, along with esoteric feats.


Leveling items might be available as treasure, and dynamic magic item crafting is on the table.

Not Using

Anything that allows more character options is generally ok for use, but anything that requires massive recalculations or fundamental changes to the game mechanics will not be used.

Unchained Rules

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