Welcome to Arcadia!

Deposited on the shores of Arcadia after a lengthy ocean voyage, a world of adventure awaits. You are one of the forerunners, charged by your lord Highspur to pave the way for his imminent colonization.

You are to clear a path, secure resources, and make a name for yourselves in the far-flung continent of Arcadia. You are to gather intelligence, and record all that you encounter. When the time is right (when you deem it so), you are charged with returning to Taldor, the land of your lord on the continent of Avistan, to give report. If lord Highspur is convinced that you have prepared the way sufficiently, he will send ships to Acrcadia with the seeds of a colony – one that you will rule in your lord’s name.

If the colony succeeds under your protection and rule, you will be landed nobles in both Avistan and Arcadia… early retirement with all the perks and pleasures that confers. Of course, your reasons for going to Arcadia are your own.

There is the matter of the Lochars, another noble house from Taldor. They’ve had a colony in Arcadia for a hundred years. Your ship will port in their lands, if it survives the voyage (spoiler alert – it does!). Lord Highspur has bidden you to keep your task secret, and avoid entanglements with the Lochars, lest the colonization attempt be quashed before it begins.

Game On

I will be running one or two tables of 4 players each. Pathfinder drags, like its predecessor 3.5, with more than 4 PCs in a party. That’s a problem because we are well endowed with friendly gaming friends with whom we like to game. So instead of excluding anyone, I’ll just run two tables if we have 8 players interested in playing. We’ll do each table every other week, likely on Tuesday or Wednesdays.

If we have 2 groups, we enter interesting territory. Both parties will be in the same instance of the game – so although you can’t run into each other, you will certainly hear of each other’s exploits and bungles, and I guess you could be penpals. Or something. You can plant treasure for each other to find, notes, scavenger hunts, geocaching… ok, not geocaching.

I’m still in the planning phase until December 2014 at the earliest, so this doesn’t happen until then.

Check the Wiki pages to read about character creation, house rules, etc.