Senaria Eldenmoore

An old Magus who is still fairly nimble for her age, but is also quite paranoid and suffers from a bit of dimentia.


Class: Magus (Hexcrafter build)
Race: Human?
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Gorum
Age: Old
Height: 5’2"
Weight: 129 lbs
Eyes: Indigo
Hair: Gray
Skin: Tan

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 17
Wisdom: 11
Charisma: 7

Fortitude: +3
Reflex: +3
Will: +3
AC: 16
Touch AC: 12
Flat-Footed AC: 14

Main Hand Weapon: Rapier
Offhand Weapon: Spells
Armor: Lamellar/Leather

Acrobatics: +0
Appraise: +3
Bluff: +0
Climb: -2
Diplomacy: -2
Disguise: -2
Escape Artist: +0
Fly: +0
Heal: +0
Intimidate: -2
Knowledge (Arcana): +7
Knowledge (Dungeoneering): +7
Perception: +0
Ride: +0
Sense Motive: +1
Stealth: +2
Survival: +1
Swim: +2

Armor Proficiency (Light)
Martial Weapon Proficiency (All)
Simple Weapon Proficiency (All)
Weapon Finesse

Deft Dodger
Gifted Adept (Shocking Grasp)
Indomitable Faith


Special Abilities:
Arcane Pool +1 (4/Day)
Hex Arcana


Senaria was born in one of the larger Taldor cities, strictly middle class. She was an only child, raised by her parents. Her father worked as a town guardsman, while her mother was a witch who dabbled in some under-the-table sales of charms, herbs, and hex services. Senaria learned the very basics of combat from her father, as well as the basics of magic from her mother. Although she is not a witch herself, she was able to pick up some knowledge on hexes from her mother.

Senaria was a fairly young adult when her parents passed away, and being someone who never quite appreciated their quiet life, she decided to set out on an adventure. She found an adventuring party that would take her and her inexperienced self in. However, she had a difficult time deciding if she wanted to focus on magic or weaponry, being quite interested in both. She eventually decided to train in the arts of the Magus, the spell part coming easily for her from what she had learned from her mother, and the combat training being provided by her other adventuring companions.

Her company was not particularly experienced or well-off, so they adventured as far as they could without needing transportation. During this time, Senaria enjoyed her status as the most attractive and flamboyant female member of her party. She intentionally flaunted her assets, and often enjoyed their tavern nights both accepting and rejecting offered drinks and lovers.

Senaria developed quite an adoration for her adventuring party, leaving sexual desires to one-night stands, while only showing real love for her platonic adventuring companions. However, after quite some time, when she was nearing old age, she was betrayed by one of her companions. The party became divided through the betrayal, two sides battling one another. Senaria ended up being the only survivor, and was so traumatized from the betrayal and the loss of all she loved, she suffered a mental breakdown. Her mind had difficulty focusing, she developed an acute paranoia that there were others out there who wanted her dead, and she forgot all of the skills and experience she had learned over the years.

The Magus became homeless and demented for some time, ruled by her paranoia. One day though, she was visited by a hallucination of her late mother, chastising her for what she had become and forgetting how amazing she was. Senaria became determined to regain what she had once possessed after this. Though she was now an elderly woman, she decided that she wanted to adventure once more. She worked hard, training and studying enough to remember the very basic skills of her class. Her mind was still damaged, destroying her charisma, trust in others, and self-confidence, and she still feared that there were enemies out to get her, but she was able to have lucid moments far more often than before.

Once Senaria felt prepared to go out adventuring again, she stumbled upon a call for explorers to settle a new land. Pleased that this would provide her with both funding and a new adventuring party, she volunteered. However, the party did not last very long before Senaria ended up alone again. In her grief, she became violent in a tavern in the town of Wolverton. She was arrested, but because she was assumed to be drunk at the time, had not killed anyone, and was elderly, her sentence was not too severe. She has just recently been released.

Senaria Eldenmoore

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